VILD MAD (or “Wild Food” in English) is a free resource for learning about, tasting, and sustainably exploring wild food. In short, we are developing a digital platform and two teaching programs taught by the Danish rangers. One of the programs is for school-kids in Denmark, and will encourage them to learn about the edible landscape. The other program, taught in Danish, is for everyone who aspires to be in tune with the flavors of the seasons, become acquainted with the land and cook with nature’s remarkable flavours. VILD MAD is a collaboration of several partners, whose logos you can see above. With the support from Nordea-fonden we launch everything during the summer of 2017. Until then you can stay updated by signing up for our newsletter below, or by following the development of both the site and the curriculums.


"It is time to return to a point of shared responsibility for the land, that will allow future generations to flourish.”
Søren Hermansen, Founder of Samsø Energy Academy

To forage - To wander in search of food or provisions.


"For me, as a farmer and food activist, cooking is the creative process
that connects the work of the farmer and forager with the work in all kitchens:
transforming the bounties of the land into feasts of honest and inspired food.”

–Thomas Harttung, Farmer and Co-founder of Aarstiderne


If you want more information about VILD MAD, please contact project manager
Mikkel Westergaard on mw@vildmad.dk or +45 22 46 88 43.


“We need to find our ways in a wild world, we need to learn how to live in harmony with nature,
and eat of more of the wild. We need to learn to be wild. Again.”

Tor Nørretranders, Author

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