• Fruit

  • What kind of equipment do I need to pick fruit?

    A fruit picker can be a big help when trying to reach fruits on trees—a ladder or a strong crate to stand on is also an option. Bring a basket or box to carry the fruits. If you plan to pick enough to fill several boxes, it helps if they can be stacked. Don’t pile your harvest too high, or the fruits on the bottom will be crushed. But they also need to be packed snug to avoid spilling during transportation. If you are moving the fruit over long distances, it is a good idea to wrap them in newspapers so they don't roll around and get bruised.

  • How do I pick fruit?

    Fruits are ready for picking if you twist them 360 degrees and they let go of the branch without a struggle. If they hold fast, they are not ripe yet, and should be left on the branch. Ripe fruit has dark brown or almost black seeds, while immature seeds will be lighter. Be careful not to bruise the ripe fruits when picking them: even a small bump can attract mold.

  • How do I store fruit?

    Every fruit has its own storage needs, but most prefer dry, dark, and cold places. Apples and pears keep for months if you store them correctly. Regularly check your fruits for mold, and remove any affected specimens as quickly as possible to avoid spoiling the rest of the harvest.