Not many people recall it, but in 1936 clover was made the national flower of Denmark. That’s a reflection not only of its prevalence and attractiveness, but also of its importance. Clover is full of protein.

  • Where to Find It

    Clover can be found all across Denmark, where it drapes hillsides, pastures, and meadows in green and red. Cows and other grazing animals love clover.

  • Towns, grasslands.
  • When to Find It

    Clover blossoms between May and September.

  • Flowers: May, June, July, August, September.
  • How to Spot It

    The flowers of the clover are small, narrow and pea-shaped. Many grow together in domed clusters. The plant grows up to 50 cm tall on finely haired stems. Often marked with a light-colored spot, the leaves are egg-shaped and issue from the stem in small groups of two to five.

  • How to Pick It

    Carefully snip off the flowers of the plant.

Risk of misidentifying the plant

There is no risk of mistaking the plant for another dangerous or undesirable plant.