• Flowers

  • What kind of equipment do I need to pick flowers?

    Bring a pair of scissors to cut the stalks, as well as a basket with a moist kitchen towel in the bottom, where the flowers can breathe and avoid getting squished. You can also use plastic containers with a moist paper towel instead.

  • How do I pick flowers?

    You can remove most flowers with your fingers, and only get the flower head without damaging the rest of the plant. Carefully put the flower heads on the moist surface. If you bring many flowers in the same container, separate them into layers with the moist paper towels.

  • How do I clean flowers?

    The dominant flavor in flowers comes from the pollen and nectar, which are easily rinsed away. Instead of washing them, put the freshly picked flowers on a moist kitchen towel near an open window so small insects can fly or crawl away. Some flowers (like elderflower) have very bitter stalks, so cut them off as close to the flower head as possible, and remove any remnants of grass and withered leaves.