Rasmus Ladekjær Nielsen


Fiskbæk Naturskole / Naturskolerne i Sønderborg Kommune


Fiskbækvej 15, 6300 Gråsten


73 65 36 61


Rasmus is a trained biologist and ranger, and is the head of the nature school of Fiskbæk, which is one of the nature schools in the municipality of Sønderborg. Rasmus' passion for foraging and hunting in nature’s pantry shines through his nature guiding, where the experiences in the wild stretch from ground to table. Fiskbæk’s nature school has a strong profile when it comes to nature, ingredients, and cooking, and it collaborates with Haver til Maver, Haver for Alle, and Madskole. It is is situated at Gråsten agricultural college, which has its own cultived fields, as well as meadows, hedges, and chapparal.